Smart Ply

Smart-Ply™ Technology was developed to preserve 100% of the carbon fiber properties by strategically placing each composite layer in a particular order and orientation. These fibers are then strategically placed in multiple axes along the full length of the shaft resulting in unequalled design consistency and material performance. Fiber oriented along multiple axes promotes improved shaft "hoop" stiffness and flex consistency at each point along the shaft.

A multi-directional pre-preg is the standard method of achieving this performance benefit. If carbon fibers move as little as 10 ° off their intended axis their strength properties can be reduced by 40% or more. Smart-Ply™ eliminates the potential for these performance killing variances. Other notable aspects of True Temper's Smart-Ply™ Technology include:

  • Up to a 50% increase in stiffness which delivers the ultimate combination of power and durability

  • Use of 80% high grade carbon fiber, compared to the typical 20%

  • Balanced laminate design

  • Consistent wall thickness for maximum durability

  • Fiber angle chosen for each ply that has been designed to optimize strength-to-weight ratio, maximum stiffness (shot accuracy), hoop strength and impact resistance

Visit our where to buy page or contact us for detailed information on our partners using Smart-Ply™ Technology in their shafts.

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